Artist Emeka Ogboh created the beer Sufferhead, which is a complex answer to both political and culinary questions.
In this mockumentary, part of his show first shown in New York in Ludlow38 Gallery and commissioned by the Goethe Institut New York, we look at an alternate reality, in which the aggressively black beer has long spread to a pretty stunning degree.


With: Emeka Ogboh et al.

Concept / Script / Direction: Marius Flucht
Camera: Paul Näther
Production: Sonja Heitman & Uschi Feldges

Client: Nina Tabassomi (Curation) and the Goethe Institut New York (2015)





“Startup Autobahn”

Created for Daimler’s Startup-Accelerator StartupAutobahn, this clip fuses the best elements of German engineering with a the Silcone Valley mindset in a joyful, fun and turbo charged web spot.

Concept, script, direction and supervision by me, Animation was done by Congaz Berlin.

Client: RAPP (2016)



When the man responsible for fiscal stability at the Berlin Public Transport Agency BVG left for new challenges, BVG commissioned this film as a parting gift.

A spoof on the popular German comedy “Der Tatortreiniger” (of which the donee is a big fan), set in his real work environment and cast with his real life colleagues in all supporting roles, this surprise is a very unusual project.

Script / Direction: Marius Flucht
Co-Direction: Benjamin Tholen
Camera: Paul Näther
Musik & Sound: Joscha Eickel
Production: Sonja Heitmann & Uschi Feldges.

Client: GUD. Berlin (2015)




“Die Bushwick”
, a Music Video i shot, directed and edited for my friends at JUNIOR on a shoestring budget of maybe 100 bucks (2012)